White Chair Wisdom

White Chair Wisdom (100 - 150 attendees)
DATE: November 8, 2019
LOCATION: Hamilton, Bermuda

To be confirmed once location is booked - no later than April 2019

Designed for Impact was created to help women appreciate their strengths and uniqueness we call that YOUR DESIGN. 

Our conferences and events aim to bring together diverse groups of women to develop professionally and personally while expanding their network. We aim to equip women with the tools that they need to leverage their design and impact their community.

Women @ Work - leading, career progression, leading women, boards, etc.

Does work Life Balance Exist? - an in depth discussion on the idea of work life balance and how women can achieve better balance in their lives. Can you really have it all?

NB: panel topics will be refined during the formal design phase of the event, to be completed summer 2019