NEW YEAR NEW YOU - dFI event Series

LOCATION: Elbow Beach hotel
january 13, 2018

Get Ready to Start Your Year

The start of a new year is an opportune time to assess overall fitness and to clarify personal and professional goals. This session, open to pilot conference participants and their special guests, explored how to achieve goals through the lens of the experience of others. The event included a high-energy kickboxing session and culminated in a fun networking event. Each attendee left with a list of creative options to achieve their goals.

Session speakers



  • How to set and achieve my personal goals, leveraging the feedback and advice of others

  • The benefits of engaging in a healthy lifestyle

What People SAID

I am so glad I came. New Year New You was just wanted I needed. Dr. Clay was awesome as usual. It was also great to gain new perspective on my 2018 goal through the eyes of others, it was truly a gift.”

Those abs! Lornelle was right on time to kick me into gear for a new year. The class was paced just right for us kickboxing newbies and the music was great .”

I wanted more. I missed the pilot conference and was invited by a friend to this event. I had no idea what to expect and I have to say it was amazing and left me wanting more. To be in a room with so many like minded positive women was a great gift. I can’t wait for the next event”

Who knew that taking the time to listen to others experiences with my goals could have such a profound impact on my life. I really appreciated the opportunity to connect with the women at this event.”

photographs from NEW YEAR NEW YOU

From beginning to end DFI’s New Year New You was a high energy, fun learning experience.


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